Support Group Overview

Support overview

Our Support Groups

Our support groups, made up of the trained peers who run them and the attendees, are the backbone and engine of MDSG. Unique to Manhattan, MDSG NY offers 16 support groups every week on both the East and West sides. Also known as discussion meetings or rap sessions, they are a friendly haven for the exchange of information and support. They are led by highly trained peer facilitators who once were attendees themselves. We try to limit each group to a maximum of 12 people. Our groups are “drop-in”. There is no need for a reservation. They typically run for about an hour and a half.

Meetings are held, for geographical convenience, in two different locations in Manhattan: Mount Sinai/Beth Israel Hospital on Friday nights and St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital on Wednesday nights.

At each site we have the following groups:

Group Categories

genYZers: A group for those genYZers, including teens, that discusses both unipolar depression and bipolar disorder.

Unipolar:  To discuss depression

Bipolar: To discuss both depression and mania

Friends and Family: For people closely connected to someone suffering from depression or bipolar disorder

Topic: To discuss a common theme prevalent in each group, such as medication, finding a therapist, recognizing and managing triggers and finding structure through work and volunteering