Tory Masters

MDSG helped me save myself. On the surface, my life seemed Ideal. Successful career, great husband, a new born, good friends. And yet I was consumed with depression, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. I had convinced myself that I was a failure and a fraud. I was in denial that I was suffering from a mental illness. And then I walked into The Mood Disorders Support Group of New York. That was 1992. I’m still here – as a board member, lecture coordinator and senior group facilitator. The magic of MDSG is that it is about peers supporting and empowering fellow peers. Every person involved in the organization, whether attendee or volunteer, has “been there” and brings their own life experience and recovery story to inspire others to hang on…and keep striving for recovery. At the MDSG support groups I found a real sense of belonging and safety. I no longer felt alone, I no longer thought I was “crazy” or that there was something terribly wrong with me. I no longer felt ashamed to acknowledge that I had a mental health disorder that needed to managed. There were extended hands, profound understanding and examples of what’s possible all around me, allowing me to get on with the business of my own healing.