Li Faustino

Twenty-five years ago, when I was about 27, I went to the Friends and Family support group with my parents because a family member had been diagnosed bipolar, That decision change the course of my life forever. I got a lot out of that group and continued attending. Soon I was asked to volunteer. I started running support groups and soon I started an additional group called the “Youth Group” that became the biggest in the country. I continued volunteering and over time ended up learning every aspect of how this organization operated. I moved my way up the ranks serving in every volunteer position (and some paid positions). I learned how to run a non-profit, raise money, recruit and keep volunteers and so much more. Along the way I decided to get my doctorate in clinical Psychology. For the last several years I have served as the chairperson . I could go on and on about what I have learned from MDSG and what I have given MDSG. It has been a mutual exchange of priceless gifts.