Henry R

It was late 2008 and my partner was spiraling out of control with his mood disorder, every day became a battle to save him from self-harm. I found MDSG through a Google search and the is where my life began to change. I attended the Friends and Family Group for a little less than two years going week after week to the meeting. Attending these groups where people understood what I was dealing with was a game changer. I eventually with the support of the group was able to back out of my toxic relationship and finally end it. Now let’s turn to 2011 when I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder. I knew exactly what group I needed to attend and attended both the Unipolar and Bipolar Groups on a regular basis. It has been great to have so many people who have become friends overtime and have encouraged me to set emotional boundaries and navigate my life thru this illness with the help of the groups. It is now 2023 and I am now living a supportive and productive life thanks to MDSG. I have learned how to give back to the community that saved my life by volunteering where every MDSG needed me. I will never be alone thanks to this wonderful organization.