MDSG Overview


About MDSG

The Mood Disorders Support Group of NY (MDSG-NY) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) self-help, peer run organization. Since 1981, we have been supporting individuals with mental health problems such as depression and bipolar disorder as well as their families and loved ones.

MDSG’s Mission and Core Values

Our goal is to enhance significantly the quality of life for those living with mood disorders through a confidential, compassionate and empowering group environment. We accomplish this by educating each other about these diseases, effective treatment strategies, and by instilling the belief that a meaningful recovery, with peer support, is obtainable. Peers are individuals with a lived experience of mood disorders. They have been there.

We believe in the magic of peer support:

We instill hope, trust and a deep belief in the recovery process through our shared experiences of living with mental health challenges.

We dispel stigma. By breaking down isolation and discovering we are not alone, we can come to realize that we are not “crazy” at all. We are simply individuals who have a treatable disease of the brain or have a loved one who does.

We empower, inspire and motivate each other to find a personal recovery path that works. We all recovery differently.

We educate each other about mood disorders, diagnoses and effective medical, psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and holistic treatment strategies.

We come to learn that we can be of valuable service to others in need. We all have important information to share: a coping skill, a success story, a new type of treatment or just understanding and compassion.

We learn to advocate for ourselves and each other. We cheer each other on.

We really get it. And empathize.